We create the robots that unlock farmers’ potential, anywhere.

Ezequiel and Santiago Eslava, co-founders

The problem

Agriculture must feed an increasing population with more complex requirements such as quality proteins and food security whilst coexisting with a lack of labour in rural areas due to incresing emigration. This challenge occurs globally but more acutely in the most developed countries.

Labour intensive agriculture. Repetitive tasks in challenging work environments.

The solution

Small size agricultural machines known as robots, that operate 24/7/365 organized in fleets or swarms, performing repetitive tasks. The robots are sensor-carriers that send their geo-coordinates and many other parameters to a centralized control room. Some robots are fully autonomous while others are remotely controlled by humans. No matter their level of autonomy, they assist in force-based tasks while humans perform better-fit tasks.

Conceptual image of pair of S-size robots.

Benefits and advantages

Minimized soil compaction

Increase yields from 2% to 7% and be more sustainable.

  • Regular small tractor: 1500 kg.
  • Eslava Robot S-size: 180 kg.

Less greenhouse emissions

Better horspower-footprint ratio against regular tractors. Robots achieve fuel savings.

  • Regular small tractor: 9 lt/hr.
  • Eslava Robot S-size: 2 lt/hr.

Investment savings

For instance, in a corn breeding research usage you need a tractor, a 2-row planter and a sprayer:

  • Regular machinery investment: 500 kUSD.
  • Eslava Robot S-size + toolkit: 150 kUSD.